ScrewAttack Pits Shadow Vs Vegata In Latest Death Battle

The latest in ScrewAttack’s Death Battle series pits Shadow against Vegata in a battle for the ages. Or for ScrewAttack, I guess.

The similarities between the Sonic series and DragonBall Z are often highlighted, so you may be wondering why it wasn’t Sonic taking on this battle and it’s very simple. They’re saving Sonic for the next battle where he’ll be facing Mario in a BATTLE FOR-


You know what. Mario’s gonna win that, I honestly can’t see SA not awarding it to the plumber for obvious reasons. Sonic will dominate then they’ll take a cheap way out of having him drown.

In any case I seem to recall these two properly fighting once before and Sonic kicking Mario’s ass.

(Yes I know multiple endings but choose the lost one.)

Kevin Eva

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    I won’t even bother watching this video because I know Shadow would win (Ultimate immortal b****.) But these character battles usualy piss me off cuz screw attack is pretty damned biased.

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