Princess Peach is a WHAT?

Sorry I’ve not been updating much in terms of “content” the last few days, this is because I’ve been working on SW 6.0 and also on Sonic City. What I want to share with you today tho is a wrestling match.

No, bare with me here: it’s from the Chikara promotion and features the Super Smash Bros. a tag team with a classic video game gimmick, even so far as to follow video game rules. They are facing the tag team of Incoherance, which features a wrestler named Delerious whose gimmick is, well, he acts crazy and you can’t understand him. However that night Player Uno of the SSB is all NES-ified and for once Delerious becomes somewhat audible, this leads to some fantastic interplay as Incoherance teases the SSB for being behind the times and start yelling various other game platforms during the match all of which are “better than the SSB are”. Hell, even TURBOGRAFFIX 16 gets a yell.

It’s bloody hillarious and is below…. be warned near the end Delerious makes the ULTIMATE insult to an Nintendo fanboy!

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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