Prepare For Unforseen Consequences, Binary Domain Goes All Mass Effect

The most recent trailer from SEGA featuring as an exclusive yet again on IGN, focuses on Binary Domain and the Consequences System. The system, which might remind you of the way BioWare’s Mass Effect series works leads you into battle with your decisions affecting the route of the story as well as how much help your team mates will be. Their attitudes will be affected by not just if you survive but how effective you are as a soldier, a leader and a tactician… if you suck, your team mates will tell you so and be disinclined to help as much in future and if your responses to conversations make no sense you’ll see their trust in you dwindle. Mainly as you just weirded them out presumably.

The walkthrough trailer, which clocks in at over four minutes in length does an excellent job of selling in how important it will be for you to watch what you say AND where you aim.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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