Overclocked Remix Sonic CD Album Gets Preview Trailer

OCR has teased their 2013 slated Sonic CD related album “Temporal Duality” with a new preview trailer.

The preview which features seven minutes plus of music from across the project which features remixes from both versions of the soundtrack – JP/EU and US soundtracks. The final project will have twenty-five remixes from over thirty artists. The preview track list is below:

1. “You Can Do Anything” – begoma
2. “Palmtree Panic JP” – SuperiorX
3. “Tidal Tempest JP” – Rexy
4. “Quartz Quadrant JP” – G-Mixer
5. “Stardust Speedway JP” – OverClocked Assembled (arranged by Sir Jordanius, featuring vocal performances by metaphist, begoma, DiGi Valentine, and The Auracle, additional backing vocals by BrothaDom, and instrumental performances from C7 and SuperiorX)
6. “Metallic Madness JP” – Main Finger, featuring KingTiger and wildfire
7. “Special Stage JP” – metaphist
8. “Sonic Boom” – DusK
9. “Palmtree Panic US” – Amphibious
10. “Wacky Workbench US” – PROTODOME
11. “Stardust Speedway US” – KingTiger
12. “Metallic Madness US” – Tuberz McGee
13. “Special Stage US” – Arceace
14. “Boss US” – Phonetic Hero
15. “Sonic Boom – Instrumental” – Magellanic, featuring PROTODOME
16. “Cosmic Eternity” – Palpable, featuring DiGi Valentine

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