New Sonic Free Riders Japanese Trailer Is “COOOOL!”

We love Japanese trailers here at Sonic Wrecks, for a start they are ridiculously over the top in terms of smiles and excitement. You thought the “Wii Family” adverts were smiley? You’ve not seen a Japanese one. They’re also normally ridiculously long, the recent trailer for Yakuza Of The End was eight minutes long. EIGHT MINUTES. People get ratty over getting close to the three minute mark!

There’s also a tradition of ridiculousness – which is to say over the top statements and things we in the West would just find funny. As such SEGA Japan have released a new trailer for Sonic Free Riders which does all these things. It also shows the Syncho Play tag-team element which looks intriguing, new track and gear details, how to activate weapons, new characters (if you look closely) all manner of things! Check it out.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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