Golden Joysticks Post-Win Interview With David Corless

The organisers interview Sonic Brand Director David Corless following Sonic’s Outstanding Achievement win.

[With thanks to TSSZ for the heads-up.]

Kevin Eva

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    David Corless really shouldn’t be the Sonic brand director. He just doesn’t seem to have a clue about the history of the Sonic franchise and I’ve seen no idication that he is even a fan: he’s just an ad-man who’s been given a product to sell.

    For example…
    I saw an interview with him not to long ago on the BBC where he explained the origins of the buckles on Sonic’s shoes. Apparently, Sonic’s original designers saw Michael Jackson’s “Bad” video and modelled Sonic’s shoe-buckles after the ones Jackson was wearing.
    Now, I know that the colours,/i> of Sonic’s shoes were inspired by the colours on the cover of the “Bad” record. The buckles did not even appear until later (Sonic CD, I think).
    If I knew that, then the man responsible for managing the entire brand in this country shoudl DEFINITELY know that.

    This video shows more of the same: Corless wittering on wthout saying anything of meaning.
    “He’s blue, he’s a hedgehog, he’s quick…” …Seriously? Is that the best the BRAND MANAGER could come up with?

    It really annoys me that I obviously know and care more about the franchise than the man who’s been put in charge of it here. Especially when it’s a franchise that I grew up with.

    It’s a good thing sites like this exist, SW, because if it were left up to Corless and the rest of Sega’s disinterested ad-men, Sonic would probably have slipped into obscurity before even having a chance of claiming an award like this one.

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