Flippin’ Amazing Sonic Flipbook Animation

So I’m just surfing the webs, minding my own business, when I log into YouTube and see this amazing featured video.

Yes you just saw that right, this person by the name of BloodyRenegadeX just made a minute long flipbook animation. Now for those of us who are less versed in traditional animation: you need 24 pictures for a second worth of animation, so you can already imagine the scale of this thing. The perspective is incredible, the expressions are subtle and the effects are striking, I’m sure I’m not the only one who could agree with this.

If you liked this PLEASE go check his channel and subscribe and just enjoy the craft this artist put so much effort in! I know I will!


Author: Suf

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  1. Tall-Guy91


    That was one minute of pure awesomeness. 😀

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  2. Avatar

    In film-quality animation, yes, it does take 24 frames per second – it’s the exact same frame-rate as regular film. However, the choppiness of this animation says the frame-rate is lower. I can’t tell you exactly how much, though. What I will say is you need 1440 pages for one minute of 24fps animation, and I doubt that book is that big even flipping it over.

    Of course, not that it’s not absolutely amazing and reveals the kind of skill I desperately need at animation.

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