Fan Recreates The “STRAAAANGE, ISN’T IT?” OVA Scene In Source Filmaker

Yes, it’s really happened. The Youtuber ChaoFanatic has rather faithfully recreated the infamous scene from the Sonic the Hedgehog Movie in Valve’s recently released Source Filmaker. And suffice to say, it does it justice! (Although it does slightly deviate from the source material at the end, but it’s all in the interest of good humour, so it’s fine by me!)

It’s not his only Sonic SFM animation either, as he’s also made a remake of the Death Egg robot’s opening animation from Sonic Generations!

Overall, this is pretty damn cool, and hopefully a sign of things to come from the community with this powerful animating tool.

Now I’ll be right back, I’m just downloading SFM, give me a year to learn it…

Tracker TD

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