Fan Focus: Recapturing The Essence

Over here at SW HQ, a chap by the name of Reginald L. Seay Jr, sent us over a link to his website, where we could view some Sonic related tracks from his retro tribute album Recapturing the Essence.

So, I decided to give it a listen, and while the majority of the tracks are heavily Nintendo based, there are two Sonic related tunes, one from Sonic 1, and one from Sonic 2. Both of which, you can listen to below.

As you can see, these are more of a re-imaging of tracks then a remix, and while it would of been nice to see some original content in the form of a possible remix, it is however, always nice to see people take a spin on some classic Sonic songs.

If you want to listen to the rest of the Recapturing the Essence album, you can download it from the Gamerzrwe website or from Reginald’s personal website.

You can also visit Reginald L Seay Jr’s YouTube page and listen to all the tracks available there.

If you want to send us at Sonic Wrecks HQ any thing to look at or listen to, you can always contact us at: archangeluk(AT)sonicwrecks(DOT)com

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