New From Dorkly: Eggman Failure & Echidnas Being Valiant = Good

Not that they know what an echidna is, as the jury is “still out” on that apparently.  This is why we have encyclopedias kids – you know, books? They’re what we called “the internet” back in the day.

But yes, videogame entertainment website Dorky has listed Knuckles sixth in a list of characters who were bad and then fought for the forces of good, as Dorkly put it:

“We love these guys especially, because villain-turned-heroes are awesome: They dress better, they don’t take any crap, and they still have that aura of lingering badassery that a Mario or a Crono is never going to achieve.”

Knux comes in sixth behind Miles Edgeworth, Donkey Kong, The Arbiter, Magus from Chrono Trigger and Bowser – who actually teamed up with Mario in Super Mario RPG. Their reasons for including Knuckles so high were of course his introduction to Sonic’s world.

“As it turns out, Knuckles isn’t actually that much of a dick. He had been tricked by Robotnik into thinking that Sonic was trying to steal the Master Emerald. And as the last surviving Echidna on Angel Island (thank you, Wikipedia), it was his sworn duty to protect it. Eventually he grew wise to Robotnik’s evil ways (the army of robot slaves didn’t tip him off initially) and joined up with Sonic. Nowadays, Knuckles is one of Sonic’s greatest allies, even earning a title credit in the follow-up game, “Sonic & Knuckles,” after only one appearance. See, this is why Tails drinks.”

So they can look up Knuckles backstory on Wikipedia but not what an echidna is…. oookay – and the least said about ignoring Tails’ games the better I guess.  However there have redeemed themselves with a new toon simply called “Robotnik Breaks Down”.

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