Cutscene Catch-Up: Sonic Colours – “Taking Out The Trash” & “The Hard Way…”

As well as doing awesome videos like the Turbo Drive Live Let’s Plays of Jet Set Radio Future and MAX ANARCHY/ANARCHY REIGNS and the Sonic Community Roundtable amongst other things, the Sonic Wrecks YouTube channel has of recent times been focusing on the next selection of game cutscenes to finalise – namely those of Sonic Colours.  We’ve had a few recently we’ve not featured on the site so now is as good a time as any to catch up with things, right?

Cutscene 5: “Taking Out The Trash”

Orbot & Cubot clean up what’s left of the Rotatatron, but their laziness could have dire consequences for everyone!

Cutscene 6: “The Hard Way…” (Sweet Mountain Version)

Even Sonic realises how things tend to go down, so when the latest boss makes an appearance he tries a different tactic. He tries to reason with it….

Cutscene 6: “The Hard Way…” (Starlight Carnival Version)

Kevin Eva

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