Blistered Thumbs Preview On Generations 3DS: “Didn’t Feel Good Enough”

Earlier in the month Nintendo held a post-E3 event to show off various things, one of the sites there were Blistered Thumbs who were also at Summer Of Sonic have done a video of their time at the event and in the first part of this talked about 3DS titles.  Very noticeably Sonic Generations was pointed out as the worst of these.  Presenter Yousif Alshaker declared that he was highly disappointed in the 3DS version especially considering how great the main console version is.  He also takes SEGA to task considering the quality of the game versus others at the same stage of development.

Sonic Generations is at 5:20. Other games previewed include Super Mario, Starfox, Resident Evil, Heroes of Ruin and Resident Evil.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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    Little-known fact: the proposed sequel to Sonic Heroes would have been subtitled “Heroes of Ruin.” However, when Sega realized that most people didn’t like Sonic Heroes, the game was then heavily altered and released as Shadow the Hedgehog.

    I dare someone to prove that this is not true. -_-

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