“A Classic Chapter” – with featured guests from Dragon Powered Studios (SAA #016)

It’s time for more Stories Around Azeroth! Today, It’s a big focus on World of Warcraft Classic. Fraz and TC are joined by multiple guests from the Dragon Powered Studios Discord and talk alot about the release of Classic World of Warcraft!

Find all my guests from today at:

Sil: https://whispersofwar.podbean.com/ & https://twitter.com/whispers_of_war
Amanda: https://geekherring.com/ & https://twitter.com/falamoyacrava & https://twitter.com/GeekHerring
Marty: https://sleeplessincph.com/ & https://twitter.com/sleeplessinCPH
Thom: https://twitter.com/thomtheknight & https://twitter.com/threeextralives
Michael: https://twitter.com/acidtearz111
FlameFlash: https://twitter.com/flameflash

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Titans Creed

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The man. The myth. The... legend? Rocking the world from ye olde Portsmouth, Titans Creed (TC) uploads the odd content to his YouTube channel and participates in various places around the interverse.

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