Xmas Updates: Can You Say SEGA Superstars Tennis Storyboards?

You can? Stupendous.

One of the things Gyrox is up to most of the time is looking through his archive of items and is also on the hunt with a couple of others to locate new items. Such searches are often fruitless, going off suspicions and an awful lot of trawling of credits.  In this instance though, there’s been a bit of a success. You’ve not had any new concept art pieces, or what we’d consider to be concept art pieces for a while. Not since that Sonic Adventure wire-frame of Station Square at any rate.

So we’re pleased to bring the next Sonic Wrecks Christmas update to you – two of the storyboards from the introduction sequence to SEGA Superstars Tennis!

I’ve no idea if there’s any more at present, presumably there’s eighteen from the top of the sheet but if there’s more we’ll endeavour to bring them to you.  Here for now are #10 and #12…

#10: Dr. Eggman cheats

#12: Beat beaten, NiGHTS negated…

Kevin Eva

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