Whirrrr…. I Made This! New Video Cutscenes Heading Your Way

Excitement! I have a new cutscene for you and the best news is its not SONIC The Hedgehog (2006) which we’ve been ploughing through for about a decade. Oh no, very quietly and for some time I’ve been working on some ways to capture my own footage. This became rather prevelant recently for reasons that may (or may not) come to pass later, we’ll have to see how good I get. But for now let me introduce to you our first rather nice branded up cutscene video, we’re starting from the beginning with the first cutscene from Sonic & The Secret Rings which is entitled “The World Of The Book” and introduces us to Shahra the spirit of the ring.

A sleeping Sonic is visited by Shahra, the Genie Of The Ring who spirits him to the world of the Arabian Nights.

Of course the video is also downloadable from the Videos section of the Depository. Hey its not The Sonic Show, but then again we’re about 11 billion times more active than The Sonic Show. So, what the hey right?

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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