Videopalooza (Edited x 3)

Hiii everybody – well this week SUCKED all kinds of ass. First work is very very very busy at the moment for myself so my hair is rappidly being pulled out. Now my 360 Elite has died (red circle of death) followed in quick succession by my headset which means no RR show made this weekend. Bah.

What I have been able to do is sort out some new videos for Sonic The Hedgehog 06 which are now in the Depository. There is in fact six new videos across all four stories in fact its about 300Mb of video all told.

last01 – Mephiles’ Smile
son03 – Meeting With Tails
sha04 – The Resurrection Of Mephiles
son04 – Too Late, Sonic
sil04 – He’s The Iblis Trigger!
son01 – The Soleana Festival

The first 4 videos are now available across all three main storylines now as well, I’ve filled in some of those gaps. I’ll add more later no doubt.

Sunday looks like being a “get a comic done” day you’ll be pleased to find out. Its also Ram’s birthday on the 14th, so would be nice to get it done for then if I can’t for the end of Sunday. More updates soon as SW goes back to its updating best 😉

EDIT: Audioness also now added, the dreaded Wonderman has returned to the Depository as well as Sonic Adventure Remix in its entirity. Enjoy.

EDIT 2: “OMG AAUK remembers my birthday! lol! *dies*” – OF COURSE I did.

EDIT 3: “XD YOU ARE EVERYWHERE MISTER EVA!!!!!!!!!” – Only most places sweetheart, only most places. 1 last video has been added to the Sonic 06 bastion – Last Story #4: The Resurrection Of Solaris.

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