Unleashed Depository Art/Video Update Is, Um, Unleashed

HOORAY. I’m back – or mostly back, my connection’s God damn terrible. Comes from living in the boonies I guess.

The Wrecks Depository Team have something rather nice today though, it’s a Sonic Unleashed special! Yes, that game you all dislike for reasons I just don’t get. Sorry and all, I don’t subscribe to the “fashionable to hate” crowd – I like what I like and don’t like what I don’t like and if you aren’t down with that that’s your tough luck. We’ve got a Sonic Unleashed television advert that the UK guys dragged up from I don’t know where first. But check out after it for details on some rather impressive additions to Sonic’s Images & Official art page.

Okay, as much as I love Unleashed – that advert’s tagline sucked.

So back to the art, if you’re still reading this thing of course. We’ve got Sonic art updates coming out of our ears today both of Sonic and the Werehog (yeah we put Werehog with Sonic as he is, after all, still Sonic. There’s been eight individual character art pieces/renders for Sonic, including the Sonic Channel Werehog artwork, pack render (all variations) and standard versions.

Even that drifting render SEGA Europe has on the side of their building if I remember the photos correctly. Check them all out here.


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