To Mimi Yui, Thanks For Everything! Peachy Newmar

Before we begin, if you get the film reference in the above title congratulations. You get cookies… good ones too!

For a while now I’ve been getting little messages here and there via a variety of sources regarding Mario & Sonic At The Olympics Winter Games. Not, I’ll admit, the game I expect to get questioned about but it seems the Sonic Wrecks Depository does have more fans than I might necessarily have thought. Anyway these questions were from an individual known as Mimi Yui, who represented the Super Mario Wiki and who very politely asked if myself and Sonic Wrecks could help her in finding a specific piece of artwork.

The artwork in question was the render of Princess Peach, not the ice dancing one that you’re probably familiar with but the rarely used one of her mid-ski jump. She had a smaller version but was wondering if SW had a better one somewhere in its archive of unpublished material. Well since she asked so nicely, combined with the fact we do take research requests, we looked into it and I’m pleased to confirm that whilst it took a bit of detective work we have indeed hunted down a better version.

In fact I’m pleased to say I’ve just put live a Depository update specifically related to M&S Vancouver just for you Mimi. You can find the Peach render as well as her ice dance render and several other Team Mario arts in the Miscellaneous section of the Character Art area.

I hope that this helps!

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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