The Night Before Night of the Werehog – A WIP Clip!

It is far too early here compared to you Brits and Europeans but this got me so excited I needed to get this put up now to the point I practically demanded AAUK get online. He wasn’t particularly happy about that but when I showed him and the rest of the SW team this… yeah they got excited too. Frankly, I got VERY lucky and stumbled across this after doing some research into the people who worked for Visual Entertainment (as was) when it was still a part of SEGA Sammy.

It’s a work in progress clip from “Night Of The Werehog”, the Sonic The Hedgehog short which accompanied Sonic Unleashed. The clip shows animation in a variety of stages from nearly complete right down to basic models with washed out colors.

It’s the first proper scene introducing all three ghosts. Enjoy!

Sonic Wrecks

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