Get Ready To Rumble Your Desktop With Some Battle Backgrounds

Hey guys,

Continuing SW’s program of restoring and enhancing our lost content, we’ve continued our Wallpapers section restoration in the Depository. Today we’ve restored Sonic Battle to the mix, so you can now get hold of the official backgrounds for all the major (and not so major) characters as well as the bonus characters like Chaos Zero.

AAUK’s also added some fan-made wallpapers to this page underneath the official ones, the majority of which he tells me he rescued from a defunct fansite years ago. Apparently he thought they looked cool and didn’t want to see them lost forever.

We’ve also added that unofficial Tikal one that still fools people to this day.

To get the the Wallpapers section click here, whilst if you want the Sonic Battle page specifically click here.

Sonic Wrecks

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