Sonic 06 – New Shadow Cutscene #25

The SONIC The Hedgehog (2006) video page has been converted to WordPress and looks jolly spiffing old bean. I’m delighted with the Sonic 06 background and to celebrate its time to restart uploading those cutscenes to YouTube! We’re up to #25 of #30, so we’ve almost completed Shadow’s Story at which point it’ll either be Silver or Sonic’s turn. Probably Sonic I suppose. Feel free to add a comment as to your thoughts either way.

Sonic 2006 – Because not changing the Past in the Past when others can do it in the Future yet further back in the Past isn’t neccessarily a waste of time.


Kevin Eva

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  1. Avatar

    The cutscene where Silver slows down time and kicks Shadow in the back of the head is the best thing about Sonic 06. The absolute highlight of the game. It’s the only reason I come back to it.

    “Chaos Control!”
    Insert LOLZ.

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    • ArchangelUK

      I think you mean where Shadow slows down time and kicks SILVER in the back if the head. And I agree it IS the best thing about Sonic 06.

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