Smash Week: How Sonic Is Greater Than The Entire Nintendo Cast

Welcome to day two of Smash Week, SW’s special celebration of everything relating to Super Smash Bros. Brawl, yesterday we just had the introductory trailer that announced Sonic was going to be in the game for you but this morning we’ve got couple of different items.

First up is the very first disc of the SSBB soundtrack, uploaded to the Depository Music section. Disc one relates to the Mario series specifically and contains nineteen tracks from across the years right from the original Mario Bros, to Luigi’s Mansion, Double Dash and New Super Mario Bros.  A good place to start!

Not only that we’ve our first cutscene from The Subspace Emissary, the most important one of all. “The Final Battle” Aka: ‘Sonic proves he’s more powerful than the entire Nintendo crowd, Snake and Master Hand by turning up and seriously hurting Tatuu, whilst they all got wiped out in one move.’  It’s the penultimate cutscene (so long as you don’t count the post-clear character vignettes), right at the end of TSE and is the moment Sonic officially joins your team.

Hell of a way (and hell of a wait)  to introduce him.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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    Tabuu is also too slow!

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    *sniff* I applauded when Sonic made the scene ^_^
    Besides Wolf, they clearly saved the best for last

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    I can’t see the video. 🙁 Is it good?

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