SEGA In The 90’s: The SEGA MasterMix ’90

Ah the Master Mix. You must’ve heard this back in the day. Two hardcore SEGA gamers… if you can call them that in the 1990’s…Nick & Steve educate a female friend who appears to have the mental abilities of a squashed ant into the wonders of SEGA. It was all done courtesy of Mean Machines, Damien McFerran of the Mean Machines Archive tells the story as follows.

On the front of issue 2 of Mean Machines there was a free tape. Not just any old tape, but the Sega Mastermix 90! What is this amazing thing I hear you cry? Well, it was a promotion run by Sega Europe’s distributors, Virgin. They decided to run a competition where Sega owners were asked to come up with their own ‘rap’ song, the winner being given the chance to record their effort in a proper studio. MCs ‘Nick & Steve’ (with names like that you know they mean business) were the eventual winners, and their ‘Do me a Favour’ song is what made it on the front cover of the magazine.

Well this piece of classic tat is now available on the Shadow Depository music archive for you to, er, enjoy.  It’s the second item to be added to the SEGA Sound Collection.

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