Saturday Depository Splurge: Generations, Shadow & Colours

It’s Saturday which traditionally means some sort of update flung at the Depository and this week is no exception!

First up the Official Art section, probably the most popular on the website gets more additions to both the Miscellaneous and the Wisp pages.

The later are two images courtesy of our old friend Gyrox who’s managed to dig up clean versions of two alternate renders used on promotional posters and I believe a Nintendo Power cover. These are the Laser and (our favourite) Drill Wisp so enjoy those as I can’t recall seeing them clean (or even unclean) anywhere else.

High quality PNG artwork in the Misc section revolves around the addition of images from Shadow The Hedgehog, with ol’ gravel voice himself Dark Doom being added along with “Doom’s Eye” form and the G.U.N Commander.


Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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