Official Art Weekend: Logos To Go-Gos

Eleven new entries have passed into the Logos section of the Depository’s official images and art subsection – including some that may surprise you.

For a start we’ve a two new subsections on the rejigged Logos page, these include Community Logos and Generic Logos. Community logos are logos you may see in the community, they may be site related for instance but are user created in some way. Generic logos are your standard SEGA/Sonic imagery that cross multiple fields and/or titles.

Our first community logos are the original Summer of Sonic logos in full quality, both the full logo with text and the original “Sonic Sun” based image. There’s also the following:

  • The Storybook Series seal logo that has only been used on Sonic & The Black Knight to date.
  • A large generic Sonic Team logo.
  • The generic Sonic franchise logo in english and in Japanese.
  • The second generation version of the Sonic City logo.
  • The 2011 Sonic Channel logo.
  • Two varients of the Sonic Central logo.
  • A black and white varient of the 10th Anniversary logo.

Go to: Depository > Official Images & Art > Logos

PS: Sonic City and Central are both dead now, thought I’d just clarify that as people were asking about it on SSMB or Retro or somewhere the other day.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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