SEGA Issue M&S Logo Use Instructions & A “New” Sonic For SOE?

Following it’s announcement/confirmation earlier, SEGA have put up graphical assets of Mario & Sonic around London via their social media and also put up high quality versions of the game logo, which confirmed what we at Sonic Wrecks speculated about the other day in regards to print press already having access to the assets.

The logo, available on SEGA’s asset distribution network has been localised into several languages and goes beyond the traditional EFIGS (English, French, Italian, German and Spanish) with an interesting addition – Turkish. SEGA have also seen fit to do a Dutch and Portuguese version – strangely there was no Russian version which was possibly the other language most likely to be added. SEGA have also taken the somewhat usual set of providing two different versions of the logo and issuing usage instructions for them.

The difference comes in the colourisation around the London 2012 symbol logo at the top of the main logo, coming with a white or yellow surround a text file in the distribution rar actually advises:

Please use the logo with the WHITE buzz around the logo on all non-white/coloured backgrounds.
Please use the logo with the YELLOW buzz around the logo on white backgrounds ONLY.

One would assume this specific colour issue would be to ensure that the surround (or “buzz”) of the key olympic art was maintained, possibly as part of official proceedings.

You can now get all the logos in both varieties via the Depository Images and Artwork logos page.

The pictures also reveal something else that you may not have seen – namely that SEGA appear to have got themselves a new costume, errrr, I mean Sonic’s had a wash… or something.

He certainly looks “furrier than his previous appearances in the UK and now looks more like he does in the US. One would have to assume he was given a bit of a makeover for the photoshoot, not wanting to look messy or *cough* tatty in front of his friendly rival. Hey, who’d want a plumber to look smarter than them, right.

The photos are below along with a reminder of how Sonic “looked” not that long ago…

Mario & Sonic by the River Thames, in front of Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster

Boys just want to have fun… apparently.

The M&S London double decker London bus goes past Trafalgar Square. Try to spot the two people who notice.

M&S on Tower Bridge (often mistakenly called London Bridge) – Sonic will hopefully have got over his broken arm by the time the Olympics start.

Previous Sonic, 2008-2010?

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    I love this new Sonic! I hope SEGA releases a teaser trailer or some screen shots soon.

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    I’m sure Classic Sonic (last photo) is just resting up for the Sonic Generations promotional tour. 😉

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