NEW Sonic Unleashed Teaser Trailer (Edit 3)

A brand new, and quirkily different trailer has gone live for Sonic Unleashed as Werehog Sonic hunts through the night streets causing panic to the PITIFUL human populous. First spotted on but I’ve now got the file and have both YouTubed it and added it to the Shadow Depository.

Edit 3: In other news: The Sonic News ticker has returned… except it hasn’t as TSS have goofed up and the ticker.php you have to point out ISN’T THERE. An additional note to other websites you will need to replace the quote marks when you paste TSS’s code in to your page as an FYI. If you missed what SW had put up in place you can read it below.

***Sonic News Non-News Flash****

The Sonic News ticker is down until Dreadknux fixes/updates it. Friends say he has been overworking recently and has been under great stress. Popular opinion is much less flattering however; proved perhaps after a strange northern man in a hat was seen swinging from a flagpole outside Castle Joscelyne this morning screaming “EPIC FAIL!” at the residence. Police are investigating…

In other news the Princess of Soleanna was sectioned under the mental health act today after developing a worrying attachment to a hairbrush. She was said to have been found clutching the prickly item too her of a night time whilst claiming she must keep smiling so it will save her from certain doom.

This is the second in a series of bizarre public order issues effecting Soleanna town after a man was finally dragged off a roof last week having spent two years above the streets claiming to be a ghost. He was in fact retired janitor Barry Dustill wanted for several public nudity offences. He was remanded in custody pending a judicial review.

You have been watching a Sonic Wrecks Sonic News replacement bulletin. One News Site. Not bloody working.

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