New Depository Update – Sonic & SEGA Art Stars Racing

As part of trying to keep the Depository a bit more up to date with things I’ve slammed a few new art pieces into the official art section – I know you guys lurrrrve your arts!

With Sonic Jump still in everyone’s mind the logos section has got a variety of new additions. These include all three variations of the  Jump logo and for some reason we were missing Sonic 4 Episode 2‘s logo so that’s been added as too.

For you specific character art fans and with All-Stars Racing Transformed on the horizon (where the heck is the character art for that by the way SEGA?) I thought it was time we started moving through the Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing arts for the Miscellaneous section. Quite a few to get through of course so we’re starting with all the A’s!

That’s Aiai, Amigo, Akira and Alex Kidd awaiting you. More to come throughout the week as I go through the stuff in SW’s media locker.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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