“Needs More Tikal”

That was the sole piece of feedback I gave Darkspeeds on his Summer of Sonic signature artwork. A fact I have remedied with a new Depository sectiion in Misc. for Sonic Channel Art. In it you can find SUPER GIGANTIC crisp and clean artwork for your use. The first is Tikal because, well, Tikal just rocks okay. Anyone cosplaying at SoS as Tikal = EPIC WIN.

Anyone cosplaying as Sheena Fujibayashi at SoS you’ll be at the wrong convention, but hey SUPER-EPIC WIN with me!

I’ve also brought the Sonic Channel wallpapers bang up to date and made some changes to its page. So that means there’s been about six new wallpapers added. The 07 Render series now have their relevant dates next to them too.

See, this is why you need to check SW out at least three times a day in case you miss any updates!

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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