July 13th Update – Wallpapers! Adverts! Colouring Papers! CUUUUBE!

It’s about time we had a Depository update on the site and since we’ve only limited time left as Sonic Wrecks – 356 days and counting – its probably for the best we start chucking stuff into the Depository so you can actually get a hold of it.

Up first is a pair of advertising spots for Sonic & The Black Knight, one featuring “that ‘lifestyle’ kid with the gauntlet on”. They come in 10 and 15 second flavours.

We put up a new cutscene for Shadow The Hedgehog the other day as well. In “A Pest Control Problem”, Black Doom contacts Shadow telepatheically to update him with news about the Black Comet, now approaching Earth’s orbit.

From a character art point of view we’ve some nice shiny new art for the Wisps, including the “Wisp effect” renders – what Sonic effectively becomes during the period of time merged with the renders and also a series of pre-CG early art images for them. Hover is missing sadly, so if anyone finds it let us know.

Wallpapers and Colouring Papers are brought bang up to date from Sonic Channel as well.

Expect more updates in the coming weeks!

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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