Go Woohoo For More Alton Towers Sounds In The Depository

Ah Alton Towers and the Sonic Spinball ride, it wasn’t that long ago that everyone and their dog  was taking apart the Radio Redux jingles that had a couple of them in and posting them up everywhere like it was the most important thing ever.

(I’m looking at you SSMB…)

Well, We have had quite a lot of Mr.Smith now thanks to Sonic Colours, Sonic Free Riders and Sonic Generations and all signs point to Sonic Spinball not continuing much longer at Alton Towers as the licence is believed to be expiring soon.  Possibly with the end of this season on Sun 4th Nov. However the other day I was emailed by ryanlovesaltontowers, a forum member of TowerStreet.com – “the premier location for news, information and discussion on the UK’s number one theme park” – who had actually mentioned SW on there.

Did we have any others? Well, we did… somewhere. It took a bit to hunt down again but we’ve updated the page with at least six more sound bytes including more of the queue message and more announcements. Plus for the general Sonic fans there’s three of Roger going “WOOOOOOOOOOOO!”, “WHOAAAAAAAAA!” and “LET’S GO!” which should keep you entertained for several months(!)

Head on over to the Alton Towers page here.

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