Get Your 10MB High Res CHRIS F’N THORNDYKE Art Here!

We here at Sonic Wrecks do our best to give you things you’ve never seen before, like our recent concept art from Sonic & The Secret Rings and storyboard from Sonic: Night Of The Werehog. However, none of the other sites really pays that much attention to these awesome releases with the exception of the fantastic Sonic Paradise.

Did we mention they were the our SWA One To Watch In 2012 winner? It seems they’re busy watching everyone else!

Anyway, since no one cares about the awesome things we thought we’d balance it out with something none of you would want in a month of Sundays – which if our theory goes right means it should get cross-community coverage for three weeks. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the signature render from Sonic X of one CHRIS “The Money” THORNDYKE!

It is 10MB in size and humongous 5645 x 12945.
A size you would never ever need – but hey, this is what you get to balance it out.

You’ll find him right at the bottom of the Official Images & Art Miscelaneous section in the Depository, and if you don’t start paying attention more Sonic Community I’ve got even MORE high res Chris Thorndyke images just siting here waiting… and I’m not afraid to use them.

Kevin Eva

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