General Pre-Weekend Depository Fixes & New Art In Depository

Hi guys, before we hit the weekend during which time I have to do some highly important Summer Of Sonic work which involves general horridness, but will also endeavour to get out the last update art update for Rouge Month I’ve done some page patch jobs which do affect things you’ve been going to recently. For the most part these involve clarifying links and general tidying so they work properly, backgrounds are appearing properly and labels are correct.

Hopefully this will reduce any issues you may have been having.

Music Section Fixes

  • Sonic Adventure Soundtrack
  • Sonic Adventure 2: Multi-Dimensional Soundtrack
  • Sonic Adventure 2: Battlegrounds

Official Art Section Fixes

  • Wisps

Speaking of the Wisps I thought it was about time the remaining standard poses for the Wisps got added to their page, which got a complete overhaul.  So you can now find the following additional high quality renders:

  • Orange/Rocket Wisp
  • Blue/Cube Wisp
  • Green/Hover Wisp
  • Pink/Spikes Wisp
  • Red/Burst Wisp
  • Purple/Frenzy Wisp
  • Violet/Void Wisp

We will revisit this page one day to add some more Wisp images to it that we think we’ve located.  Until that day everybody WISP RAVE!

To go to the Wisps official art page click here.

Kevin Eva

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    The Void Whisp is called the “Violet Void.”

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    PS: I can’t see the page. Do I need to empty my cach?

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