GBA Goodness Abound! Final 2 Old Music Pages Converted

Ah music… I’ve been having a big old Twitter chinwag (I think you can call it that) with TSSZ and others about it. It seems Retro might or might not be joining our New Music Agreement*, which you may or may not recall is that TSS, us and others don’t put up new soundtracks for about 6-12 months to let the soundtracks have a bit of clear air for the retail releases so the big sites don’t torpedo them into oblivion with immediate free downloads which increases the chance of there being music releases in future and stops any “arms race” to get the mp3s up first for some cheap website hits. They may, they may not… I don’t know. I should point out TSSZ don’t host the music so therefore naturally aren’t considering joining. A pity in a way, would’ve been nice for us all to have some common ground.

This is kind of ironic as beforehand I’d just finished converting two more of the old version six pages and putting the Sonic Battle and Sonic Mega Collection soundtracks back online at last. Which along with Sonic Adventure 2 Battlelines which went up last week were the last ones to be done. Huzzah!

The eagle eyed amongst you will have also notice the music page has been touched up slightly and now is three album covers wide as opposed to four. There is no reason for this whatsoever.

*It doesn’t actually have an official name, but for want of anything better…

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