Fresh For The Holidays, Unwrap Our New Papercraft Section

Those of you waiting impatiently for our next Depository update can wait no longer as its here and somewhat on the large side. First up let’s deal with the usual suspects, you can find new wallpaper and colouring paper from Sonic Channel. Blaze and Shadow fans will be certainly be pleased with these updates and a couple of fixes to previous items as well should prevent any old formatting issues.

Now though is the biggie, a whole NEW section to the Depository and one on the list of “to do” items for some considerable time. For many years there’s been something not only put out by Sonic Channel but SEGA in general for their games, from Sonic Adventure 2 right up to Sonic & The Black Knight and that is papercraft. For the Sonic Channel these are more often than not miniature decorations and stationary but for the game specific ones, well lets just say there’s a whole world of items available, not just models but cosplay masks and other items too.

There are well over twenty pieces now available to download with more still to come over the following weeks. Enjoy!

Go to the Papercraft section.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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