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We’re not overly sure how you can call an eleven track album a mini-album, but Bentley’s 2010 effort is anything but mini – its a full on bombastic experience. So Much More… features yes, but that is just a link back to where early 2010 took Mr. Jones. By his own admission the album is a very personal exposition of his journey through 2010, if you listen to the words of the main album tracks this is rather obvious covering breakups, triumphs and disappointments.

A new version of fan favourite Birdcage FINALLY makes it onto CD as does version 2 of Road Trip To Oblivion from “Promogeddon”, for us though the stand out tracks are the moody and atmospheric ST4LK3R, Waiting For Clouds and the frankly superb Down In Tokyo. What did go down in Tokyo exactly? Makes you wonder.

Whilst the main tracks aren’t available here to download and won’t be unless BJ specifically wants us to in a year or so’s time (come on, support Bentley boys and girls and nab the album from his shop, it really does deserve it) we have put up the covers and are also mirroring the five free bonus mixes.

These can be found on the Finally Free page in the Shadow Depository Music section.

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    Hey guys, your website has changed alot since I’ve last been on here, I was trying 2 get a song redownloaded back on my PlayStation3 & that was a hassle. I really want 2 get the music CDs without it costing me an arm & a leg, I’ve found the CDs on eBay &, is there something U can recommend 2 me 4 these CDs? Can U sell me any? I’m really desperate 4 these CDs. Note: also not all of sonicwrecks music stays on computer & playstaion3, please fix this problem. Thank U & have a great day.
    Please email me. :<)

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