Endless Possa-mp3

More updates, I’ll have to remove the “Being pestered for a proper forum” line from the index page rotation won’t I now we have one.

Now whilst I’m not going to go all crazy like TSS has now and have umpteen people posting many many times over the course of the day thus meaning unless you subscribe to the RSS you miss everything I do have yet more updates for you. Tho considering the previous TSS situation its gone a bit from the sublime to the ridiculous in news posting, but then again thats the new style of the site I suppose.

Where was I? Oh yes, well here’s yet another news post/update in any case! It’s a new Deposiitory item, something I know for reasons I can’t recall I didn’t put up, but anyway the E3 2008 version of Endless Possibilty is now available from the Depository music section.

Go to: Shadow Depository > Music > Sonic Unleashed

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