Official Art Section Gains Foxes & Ridiculously Sized Logos

If you’ve ever sat back and thought that your life was missing something and that something was probably an oversized video game logo then I’m probably going to make your day in just a second. For you see, there’s some brand new content in the Depository official art section.

This is a two-pronged update including logos, as you probably already gathered and also a couple of updates to the Miles “Tails” Prower page for all you lovers of the foxy fellow. Tails fans can now get character art for him from both Sonic Colours and Mario & Sonic At The London 2012 Olympic Games. I plan to fill in some gaps later this week with his page as well and get some more classic-style pieces online.

For the rest of you is an update to the Logos page which hasn’t been tweaked in a couple of months. It has four specific new additions, these are the Sonic 3, Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2:Battle logos both in English and high quality (which for the SA2:B one is great as you really just can’t find it anywhere) and the Spanish version of the Sonic & The Secret Rings logo. Which is huge.

Seriously, if this logo ever got out into the wild it’d probably destroy a small town… its 40MB in size.

It is also joined by an English version the same size we discovered; the logo itself was actually already on the site but was not nearly this big in size. As usual they are both high quality PNG files.


Kevin Eva

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