Richard Jacques: The Music Of 007 Blood Stone – Pt 1

You’ve got to feel a bit sorry for Bizzare Creations, makers of James Bond 007: Blood Stone. You secure a plum licence in the James Bond franchise and you work away at it only to find out that Activision are working on a James Bond title too – the remake of freaking GOLDENEYE. You have to wonder whether or not the licence holders actually told Bizzare that titbit of news when they signed on the dotted line because the first thing i’d’ve asked is “so when are they releasing? Obviously we don’t want two James Bond games on the market at the same time, that’d be commercial lunacy especially as the subject matter is similar – you’re splitting your niche target audience. If they choose to buy one, they’ll, well, only buy one.”

If you guessed at this point they got the same launch date you’d’ve guessed right – and people wonder why Bizzare supposedly got in trouble. Not that I’m blaming Activision but you’d’ve thought someone somewhere would have said or done SOMETHING to help out the situation.

Well for the game Bizzare teamed up once more with SEGA/Sonic favourite Richard Jacques, whom they’d previously joined forces with on Metropolis Street Racer and the criminally overlooked The Club – seriously myself and Svend will endlessly batter you about that game until you hunt down copies. I fondly recall a time long back when myself, Richard and Echo where out having a few drinkies and him not being able to tell me any details about the project but being so very excited about working on the James Bond series. Hey, who wouldn’t be?

Anyway whilst it has nothing to do with Sonic I’m sure we’d all love to hear any new music from RJ and others – and luckily YouTube user EpicStepsFromHell has put all the tracks on YouTube. So here’s part one of the game’s music tracks.

“M Puts Her Trust In Bond”

“Athens Harbour Chase”

“Fireworks at the Acropolis”

“Turkish Delight”

“By Any Means Neccessary”

“The Torture Of Malcolm Tedworth”

“Bazar Chase”

“The Package”

“Istanbul Arena Showdown”

Part 2 to follow soon, you can of course find all manner of details on Richard Jacques on

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