Archive Viewing: Sonic Chronicles – The Dev Diaries

Our Sonic Chronicles Let’s Play is proving to be something of an entertainment feast, helped largely by us doing the most dodgiest voice acting you’ve heard along with excellent casting… such as SSF1991 as Rouge the Bat. You’ll be pleased to know it continues tonight live on Twitch.TV at 8PM GMT.

Before this however as you know we’ve been uploading a lot of archive items recently to prevent them being lost to the mists of time firstly and secondly to support our Let’s Play efforts. As such let me bring these two videos to your attention. Sonic Chornicles, for a Sonic game, had a disproportionate amount of trailers for a game of its type. These even included a behind the scenes “insider” series – don’t worry we’ll be getting to those.

Along with this and the general trailers however there was also two Dev Diaries produced by the people at Bioware full of happy faces, confident in the future of their game. Poor, unfortunate souls…

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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