Remember The Sonic Colours Wallpapers? Want More Versions?

It’s been a while since we took a serious look at the Wallpapers section in the Depository – if not in fact a very long time indeed. With the exception of Sonic Channel updates of course.

But now’s a good time to start having a look at them once again and repopulating this section of the website with some sweet old AND new content. As such late yesterday night we’ve put up all six website exclusive wallpapers. Not only that though we’ve put up all three variations of each, the American, European and Japanese versions of all six – quite a few of which (especially in the case of the Japanese and American versions) have not been made available before for some reason.

Well we’ve been sitting on the damn things for six months and that’s plenty of time as far as I’m concerned so head on over to the Sonic Colours subsection to view/download/desktop them.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

Gamer, scholar, gentleman & fountain of useless trivia, LMC's boss-man extraordinaire is also a super-awesome Community Manager who has worked on projects for SEGA, Square Enix, Konami, Capcom and more. Once co-created and hosted an international fan-convention because he can do that sort of thing.

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