A Brief History Of Sonic Wobblers

So wobblers, it seems I struck a bit of chord a while back about them with All-Stars Racing. Indeed it seems like no one really covers things like that anymore so I’m more than happy to fill the gap as it were.

So what are “Wobblers”? Well they are a term given to a piece of Point of Sale (POS) advertising that you will find at certain retail stores. What a wobbler is is actually pretty easy to grasp, its a cardboard or in some instances plastic logo, usuaully circular which is attatched to one end of a thin transparent plastic strip. The other end is then attatched to a surface, usually a wall, shelf or somewhere around a till at an angle, so the logo then arcs outwards from the surface and dangles in mid air. Tapping, knocking or in any way disturbing it causes to bounce or wobble – hence its name!

Here’s a little selection of other Wobblers that have been out and about over the last few years.

Sonic Riders Zero Gravity – A pretty standard wobbler this, I remember seeing them everywhere… in fact I’ve still got quite a few of them at work!

Sonic Unleashed – A somewhat more “American” in style wobbler it has to be said, I didn’t see many of these at retail.

Sonic & The Black Knight – Now this is quite special – yes, I said special. Because this is a sealed JAPANESE wobbler for Sonic & The Black Knight, eat your heart out T-Bird! Seriously, try and get hold of one of these babies, it’ll be an impossible task for you.

When I have more advertising materials to show you I’ll put them up on here, okay?

Kevin Eva

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    Oooooh, I remember wobblers! It is definitely hilarious when the wobblers are made of a weak material and they are placed near a fan/vent. And when there are tons of them altogether, there’s very little stopping me from setting them all off… Actually, a life-time ban is stopping me.

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