88.4 Reasons To Love Sonic Wrecks, Eggman Empire & More…

As part of the continued redevelopment of the Shadow Depository I’m pleased to announce more progress. The SEGA Splash! Golf vids page (I think we’re the only site actively trying to report on this) has been updated to the new style and I’ve added a new Shadow The Hedgehog videos page, this page is complete and has 88.4Mb worth of content on it.

It contains adverts, cut scenes, the Tokyo Game Show footage, ALL ten ending videos – yes even the missing one that FastFeet doesn’t have (as I actually asked Saikyomog, who also recently provided me with another video for the future, if he could provide me with the missing one – and he went and redid it for me within the day, what a guy!). Incidentally FFM is welcome to grab that.

The latest installment of The Sonic Show is up, we get a feature once again or so I hear. I’ll have to wait to download the thing on my crappy 56k to find out properly.

SEGA won the Publishing Hero award at Brighton’s Develop festival. If Dreadknux went down there and didn’t tell me again I’ll be…. rather annoyed.

You have until August 10th to nominate for the SSA, just a reminder.
You have until a date I can’t recall to nominate for the SSMA, just a reminder.

Speaking of awards, I got a very nice email from Eggman Empire who finally twigged they won something in the SWA LAST year. Anyway I’d like to share it with you.

Yeah! Thanks for giving Eggman Empire the best specialist site award, it’s a real honor. I just added it to our awards page, and I apologize for taking so long. Honestly, I didn’t even know I’d received the award until fairly recently- I guess I was never contacted… But either way, I appreciate it, and as a fan of Sonic Wrecks, am quite honored to get this.

By the way, in case you were wondering about EE being down for a bit, it just reopened here: http://eggmanempire.sonicworld.net.

Thanks for everything,
Doc Eggman

How nice is that? Anyway, enjoy the videos and other stuff. The next comic is underway and will be the next storyline comic – #047: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.

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