Like most things, Sonic Wrecks has people actually running the show – although admittedly this is probably not obvious at first with all that’s going on. Here is the rundown on who those people are.

He’s the Bossman. Sonic Wrecks’ original founder is found busy more often than not, still he’s around for Radio Redux and will always be around and about for all your SEGASonic needs. SW4LIFE.

Admin Team

Blake Draco
Blake Draco is a valued and loyal Wreckser and has never shirked from taking one for the team. Blake is known to be a stickler for rules and regulations and once nearly beat a tramp to death with a rolled up newspaper for not offering him a copy of The Big Issue within the allotted 3 seconds of being in plain sight. Not only that he was the first Frenchman to surf across the Antarctic, the second Belgian to traverse the Congo and is believed to be vice-president of Peru. Not bad for someone who has done none of the last two sentences. He does have his own kitty army of the damned though. Sometimes DJ Blake isn’t as active anymore but
God and Overlord of Emerald Coast, Vger rules with his iron fist and a massive wrench. Vger pours his blood, sweat and tears daily into Sonic matters yet he does all this while looking stylish in both hat and Hawaiian shirt. Creator of EC he casts an eye over Sonic Wrecks from the shadows as a sort of debonair caretaker. He’s also in charge of EC Airwaves – funny that.

News Team

Dutch born Kjeld is a 15 year old Sonic fan and especially intrigued by the music of the games. Besides writing for Sonic Wrecks, Kjeld moderates the forums as well as helping with the official Jun Senoue, Johnny Gioeli and Crush 40 websites.

Max Firestorm
Another person who has been hanging around SW for a loooong time, Max joins the news crew at last.
Swiss has been a Wreckser for a long time and probably should have been on the team earlier, he writes for TSS now but we won’t hold that against him. :P Swiss will be a key part of the news team
T.A Black
Tracker TD
A Sonic collector to some extent, Dreamcast Era fanatic, fan artist, and a kind guy. Who is only 14. And stuff.

Our youngest member of staff, but also one of our keenest.

A pianist with a passion for music and video games, VizardJeffhog is one of the Staff on TSS and Sonic Wrecks; him being Canadian already made both sites 20% cooler as a result! Jeffhog likes to play random tunes on his piano in his spare time. He is also the founder and director of the TSS Music Album, with the 2012 edition currently under production.


Arts Team

STC-O artist and writer since 2001, Darknoise is now an artist for Sonic Wrecks as well!
Why the lass Nemain represents herself through the handsome chap Akhmin is unknown but the heart of these two is one and the same. Emerald Coast’s undisputed Queen of Merch has a tendency to show no mercy when it comes to infecting your mind with sheer insanity to make you roll on the floor and die from laughter. Nemain also appears to have a slight rivalry with Urtheart over piracy policies, as well as a bizarre obsession with bismuth and dimethylmercury. She;s our super comic artists and Merch Madness article writer..

Rabid Noodles
Art student and a new member of our art and news team, RN is responsible for the awesome video slides that you’ll be seeing more and more of. He’s also the artist of a series of forthcoming comics and will be chipping in on the news.

Mr Hughesdescribes himself as: “So-called ‘Animator’ with the tendency to post inane tweets about Sega games, Sonic the Hedgehog, Animation, Comics and generally everything you’d expect me to.” He’s also bloody good.

Media Partners

He’s The Egge Mann! Jamie is the head of The Sonic Show, which is partnered with Sonic Wrecks. You’ll often hear AAUK or Turbo on their livestreams, videos or Let’s Plays and his Sunday based Sonic Show Live show is part of the Sunday Sonic Live block with Radio Redux and the Sonic Paradox News Show.
USA is okay by us in with this long-time friend of SW’s from the States. He has an unashamed love of Sonic Unleashed, isn’t too keen on Sonic 4 and is generally “meh” normally about interacting with the fanbase – you’ll not have found G round E-On for instance. However when it comes to the arts and sounds of the franchise he’s in his element. Gyrox is now the keeper of keys to SW’s extensive archive of materials and in charge of maintaining the Depository.

Long time community radio presenter and Summer of Sonic DJ, Turbo is brining his Turbo Drive Live Let’s Play’s over to Soinc Wrecks. Look out for them on our YouTube channel as Turbo stands looking manly on a mountain top somewhere in a kilt, probably drinking some Irn Bru.
Commanding the darkness with one hand, annihilating anything that stands in his way with the other Urtheart has many incarnations, some of questionable origin, only one thing is really known about him, he seems to have a love for the female chest. No one knows why, but to be hugged by him is one of the greatest honours in history according to Wrecks staff. Urtheart apart from doing the odd bit of colouring, is going to be doing some classic Let’s Plays for us. BEWBS!

Former staff

Echo Hawk
Originally hailing from the fields of Kentucky, USA; Echo Hawk spent SW’s early years as it’s official Northern Hempisphere fanartist. For her loyalty she was rewarded with many wonderful gifts, the greatest (apart from speed of the puma and strength of the bear) being a character based on her avatar added to SW. Indeed ‘Hawk’ (originally portrayed as a bird) played a major role in the Ragnarok storyline that lead to the destruction of the v4.0 Sonic Wrecks site at the end of 2006. Echo Hawk had many roles on SW over the years ranging from artist to moderator.
Ram The Dragon
The cute Uruguayan with 1001 voices, Ram The Dragon found her way into Sonic Wrecks one day and never left. We believe this is because she’s actually part-limpit on her father’s side. In any case Ram has proven a most loyal Wreckser over the years and late 2008 was promoted to an actual staff member in charge of creative forum matters and was also given a pair of big boots to stomp around in and on those who don’t abide by E-On’s rules. In other news she once sailed around the world in a seive, crossed the arctic with only a bevel sandwich toaster for company, once flashed the entirety of Luxembourg and has strange moon-based magical powers enabing her to bend black dragons to her will. Or something to that effect….

Another long term and passionate Wrecks fan, Andy is tall… and a guy… and looks suspiciously like that chap from Fun House. We hope he still has the twins with him. (Wait he doesn’t? Damnit!) TallGuy kept you up to date with various SW and SEGA/Sonic news.

The Master of the Community Spotlight, TitansCreed split his time between SW and EC, but was best known for his work every Wednesday highlighting some member of the Community or the other.

Wentos The Travelling Salesman
It may say Wentos but it seems more like his chao Chaoa is in control of this account. Whoever it is has a history of finding rare merchandise and promotional materials and showcasing it.