Uncutting Crew – Sonic Boom S02E14: “Fiendbot”

Happy Hallow-err, Merry Chri-errrrrr, Happy New Year! More Sonic Boom discussion for you after the last show got a manual copyright claim from Technicolor who then kindly released it. There’s a story to be told, and, you may want to sit down for this, as Kevin’s actually going to praise SEGA. Then there’s the episode and a lot more laughs and production discussion.

Pre-Show (0:00) – “Uncancel Uncutting Crew”
Last episode got the team anxious after it received a manual copyright claim from the team at Technicolor. Kevin discusses how it was released by the company and how both SEGA and the Boom Team lent their support in the meantime. That and all the latest news (well, from October) and stories including the return of our ‘Where’s Reid Harrison?’ segment.

Commentary (0:41:25) – “Fiendbot”
Knuckles’ joy at beating Sonic in a video game is short lived when one of Dr. Eggman’s robots gains enough sentience to understand Sonic is good and decides that, as his friend, it should join the team in the latest Denton & Hahn episode.

Post-show (0:56:09) – “The Curse of John Oliver”
Donnie, Cat and Kevin go through their thoughts on the episode and Donnie gives his highlight before the gang move on to other more pressing matters, like his giant robot cat and the team trying to win an Emmy by fooling them into thinking Uncutting Crew is Last Week Tonight.

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