Uncutting Crew – Sonic Boom S02E13: “Mech Suits Me”

The gang are back – actually in 2019 this time – for more laughs and discussion about Sonic Boom. Though this gets rapidly derailed thanks to a combination of Tom & Jerry and that new music hall sensation ‘Denton & Hahn’.

Pre-Show (0:00) – “The Vaudeville Horror”
Donnie has a cat. Cat is a published illustrator. Kevin has a new job and his old employers are jerks but they’re all delighted to be back. Not only that, Sonic Boom actually got an advertisement! WHAT THE?

Commentary (0:39:44) – “Mech Suits Me”
The gang find an ancient mech suit and Sonic tries it on, only to rapidly turn to the dark side. And an evil Sonic means problems for both Sonic’s friends and Dr. Eggman.

Post-show (0:52:39) – “Timestamped Takes”
Both Cat and Donnie’s cat cause mischief. The gang discuss Team Sonic Racing (or at least how it was back in April), The Lion King, Predator and how well Roger Craig Smith has been making Sonic three-dimensional in his tenure.

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