Uncutting Crew – Sonic Boom S02E09: “Multi-Tails”

We know we said the series could do with more Tails, but this is ridiculous! Kevin, Cat and Donnie discuss comics, award nominations, foxes, foxes, foxes, foxes and… er… foxes.

Pre-show (0:00) – “They Stole Donnie’s Brain”
Archie Sonic is dead. Long live IDW. The gang go into various topics including the goings on with Sonic Boom being nominated for an award, appearing at SDCC and – shock horror – the fact being promoted by SEGA. On the Sonic Twitter no less! Be still Kevin’s heart. Donnie’s Sonic know-how is tapped by a major news publication.

Interlude (0:58:55) – “Disasters Of The Universe”
Before the show Cat made mention of Toys ‘R’ Us, Kevin recalls an early childhood trauma when he was ‘attacked’ by He-Man.

Commentary (1:19:44) – “Multi-Tails”
Tails invents a cloning machine, unfortuantely as it splits his body it also splits his intellect. Resulting in a lot of collateral damage – especially to Dr. Eggman’s pudding stash.

Post-show (1:34:16) – “The Question”
With a need to round things up quickly the gang go over their favourite bits – will Kevin be able to say the lead up to Donnie’s Highlight without either of the other two interrupting for once? What do you think.


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