Uncutting Crew – Sonic Boom S02E08: “In The Midnight Hour”

A mysterious villain called Dreamcaster is affecting the sleep in the village and only Sticks can stop it. SEGA reduce Kevin to tears, Cat mulls over anniversary art and Donnie got the chance to see episodes before they broadcast.

Pre-show (0:00) – “Looking For Release”
Sonic Boom isn’t on the Cartoon Network slate for next year, but that’s not that much of a surprise. But it could be worse – it could be Archie Comics. Cat ctritiques Sonic art and commits the ultimate commentary crime. Donnie got to see all the multiparter ahead of most of the Boom team. SEGA reduces Kevin to actual tears with their latest boob.

Interlude (0:58:55) – “Nothing Is Happening”
From between Ep 7’s pre-show and commentary Kevin realses he made a mistake to trust. He and Donnie also reminisce about 2016’s Donnie Day and some of the things that went on behind the scenes. Including the levels Kevin went to to try and throw Donnie off.

Commentary (1:08:34) – “In The Midnight Hour”
Sticks’ late night painting is interrupted by a mysterious ghostly figure who seems particularly interested in Comedy Chimp’s studio. Meanwhile everyone else seems to be having very deep dreams. Dreams about dancing sugarplums. But Sticks is just paranoid, right?

Post-show (1:22:49) – “Secret Ingredient”
Donnie’s Highlight is universally agreed upon, Cat is pleased about the animation but disturbed by Kevin’s latest ‘Canon Approved’. The Fourth Wall is mourned following its demise.


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