Uncutting Crew – Sonic Boom S02E05: “The Biggest Fan”

Fans of Sonic are troublesome, obsessed stalkers? Hmm. Looks like fiction and reality might be in for a bit of an awkward crossover. Donnie meanwhile has insisted that Kevin and Cat not watch the episode beforehand so they’re going into it blind… 

Pre-show (0:00) – “Toy Story”
The gang get up to date on some Sonic Boom news including rumours of a Season 3. Kevin sees a heartbreaking tweet from one of his friends. Alan Denton proves that he’s done his Sonic homework. The trio finish up by going through the latest TOMY toys revealed at a recent toy fair. Oh, and Donnie says “Oh boy!”… A LOT.

Interlude (0:17:29) – “These Things Are Sent To Try Us”
Plenty of laughs occur before the episode and Kevin is left wondering why he bothers sometimes, as Donnie’s PC just won’t sync up and Cat decides to go her own way on the ‘episode delivery’ joke.

Commentary (0:23:17) – “The Biggest Fan”
A trip to a career day festival introduces Sonic to his ‘biggest fan’ Mark The Tapir. Who quickly moves to ingratiate himself with his hero. But is he a little bit too obsessed? I’m sure his family friendly fan fiction collection will clearly prove his innocence.

Post-show (0:37:58) – “Catharsis & Elbows”
“I will say I’ve met fans like this character!” Donnie raves about the writing whilst Kevin wonders why the writers think Sonic fans are secretly obsessed with bakers. Cat tries to explain a mistake Kevin has spotted. Also: The name for Dr. Eggman’s satellite is revealed in the naming segment “That’s Canon” a well as the characters you next need to name.

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