Uncutting Crew – Sonic Boom S02E03: “Nutwork”

Microphone woes and a muted Kevin result in a show a little bit all over the place in time. Either that or the team are still feeling the temporal effects of the Christmas Special. There’s plenty to discuss in this episode, which includes facts from writer Sam Freiberger! Timechecks after the Credits video

Pre-show (0:00) – “Giving Donnie The Bird”
Recorded before Christmas, Donnie reveals the present he got from Kevin and Cat. And discuss topics ranging from SEGA taking more interest in the commentaries to love pillows. That and the show is coming to Netflix. (Which we’re sure SEGA will advertise splendidly.) Then it’s time to answer your comments and finally NAME THE WEASEL BANDITS! All that and the entity messing around with Kevin’s flat might have revealed itself…

Interlude (0:51:09) – “Facing The Music”
Taken from before the show began recording properly, Cat mulls over a song about Donnie whilst Kevin in turn mulls over an educational song for SEGA.

Commentary (0:52:59) – “Nutwork”
The media cannot be trusted! Technology cannot be trusted! So naturally Sticks solves this by using technology to become a journalist. Donnie causes Kevin another headache and some auto-generated captions cause unintended amusement. (Featuring episode facts from it’s writer Sam Freiberger).

Post-show (1:22:13) – “Busy As A [Slang Term]”
Donnie gets rather embarrassed, but at least the Uncutting Crew now have a headquarters in the Boom universe, right? Kevin is praising of some of the little things about the writing. Cat discusses a pair of animation glitches and explains what has happened and will Dr. Eggman regain his throne as Donnie’s highlight?

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